Our Services

Upon entering our office, you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will get you started with some paperwork (Pre-fill out the New Patient Intake Form). Once you are finished you will have a consultation with one of the doctors where you will have the opportunity to discuss your health issues and concerns. A comprehensive examination is then performed including but not limited to range of motion, reflexes, neurological exam and orthopedic testing. If it is determined that this is a chiropractic problem, your treatment will begin on the initial visit. If it is determined that additional testing is required or that it would be wise to consult a different specialist, we will refer you to the proper facility.


Your initial phase of care will consist of passive modalities such as electric muscle stimulation, which is designed to reduce muscle spasm and discomfort, ultrasound as a form of deep heat which also helps to reduce scar tissue and adhesions, moist heat and ice. One of the doctors will then perform a chiropractic adjustment that will restore normal joint function and motion. When joints are restricted due to tight muscles or scar tissue, it can lead to pain in and around the joint. The adjustment is usually followed by passive stretching to lengthen shortened muscles.

Subsequent visits may involve adding soft tissue techniques such as Active Release Technique (See ART section) or Trigger Point Therapy to reduce muscle spasm and break down fibrotic tissues or scar tissue that has formed within muscle fibers and around joint capsules, ligament and tendons.

Once the patient begins to note progess, the second phase of care is initiated. During this phase there is a shift to active care where core stabilization exercises are begun. These exercises are performed here at the clinic to strengthen the muscles and also to ensure that proper technique is being applied. Our goal at Chiro 1st Chiropractic is to create a balance in the postural muscles so that other muscles do not have to work as hard any longer.


The key to your success is keeping your appointments. Our goal is not to see you three times a week for life, but to find a solution to your problem and address it appropriately. When treatment gets spread out and appointments are missed, your muscles have difficulty “learning” how they are supposed to move and function. Our body has an amazing ability to memorize. When joints have not been functioning properly for a period of time they will form a memory to that position and will resist moving properly. Of course, each patient is different and may take more or less time than the suggested duration of treatment.

Again, we realize that you have choices in regard to your healthcare and we thank you for placing that trust in our office. We will do everything possible to make your experience pleasant, informative and productive.

Thank You