Dr. Infanti to work PGA Tour sponsored event July 25-July 30

Dr. Raymond Infanti will be returning to work as the event chiropractor at the Digital-Ally Open outside of Kansas City.  This marks Dr. Infanti’s 4th consecutive year working at the PGA sanctioned event.  He will be out of the office from Tuesday, July 25th and returning Sunday, July 30th.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  

Welcome Robert Perilla, Acupuncturist!

Beginning February 1st, Chiro 1st Chiropractic and Physical Therapy will be expanding its services by offering Acupuncture.  We are excited to welcome Robert Perilla, co-founder of Perilla Wellness to our team!  As an added bonus, Robert is offering new clients a 20% discount off their 1st Acupuncture Treatment! Robert Perilla holds a BA in Philosophy […]

Dr. Infanti to attend University of Florida Running Medicine Conference!

Dr. Infanti will be out of the office from February 2-5 to attend the University of Florida Running Medicine Conference in Clearwater Beach, Florida.  He is looking forward to relaying some exciting, cutting edge information to his patients and the Annapolis Running community.  Check out there program for some of the topics that will be […]

Dr. Infanti To Take TMJ Dysfunction Seminar This Weekend

Dr. Infanti is excited to be taking “A Comprehensive Approach to Treatment of Temporomandibular Dysfunction” Seminar this weekend. The course is presented by Great Lakes Seminars and will address joint mobilization, myofascial release, posture re-education and exercises for the treatment of this condition. This seminar will be helpful for people who suffer with TMJ related […]