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Healthy Cooking Demo 2017

Dr. Infanti is teaming up again with our Nutritionist, Christine Turpin to hold our Healthy Cooking Demonstration, Tuesday March 14th @ 7PM at the office. The class is FREE and space is limited to the first 15 people who sign up. Everyone will be FED! Sign Up Here

Welcome Robert Perilla, Acupuncturist!

Beginning February 1st, Chiro 1st Chiropractic and Physical Therapy will be expanding its services by offering Acupuncture.  We are excited to welcome Robert Perilla, co-founder of Perilla Wellness to our team!  As an added bonus, Robert is offering new clients a 20% discount off their 1st Acupuncture Treatment! Robert Perilla holds a BA in Philosophy […]

Got TMJ? Take This Test…

TMD or Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, according to the TMJ Association affects nearly 12% 0f the population or 35 million people a year.  For many of us, it is no more than an annoying “click” or “pop” that one can get with yawning, speaking or chewing.  For others, however it can be rather debilitating leading not only […]

Strengthen Your Gut (Not What You Think)

  Strengthen Your Guts:  Eat to Promote Good Bugs Clients are frequently interested in gaining muscle, getting leaner, building strength and making better food choices for academic and athletic performance.  However, consumers are not knocking down my door with a particular interest in constructing a stronger environment for robust bugs for healthier digestive tracts.  Why […]