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Welcome! Thank you for choosing Chiro 1st Chiropractic for your health and wellness needs. The objective at Chiro 1st Chiropractic and Physical Therapy is to create an ever evolving Wellness Practice based on the belief that collaboration between different professions will lead to the best outcome measures for our patients.  We also believe in continually improving our skills by taking continuing education courses that keep us up to date with the latest advancements in our respective fields.  We realize that your time is valuable, and that you are placing your trust in our office. We look forward to leading you to a healthier and more energetic lifestyle.

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Dr. Infanti Begins 4th Year As Team Chiropractor For Aberdeen Ironbirds

Dr. Infanti began his fourth year as the team chiropractor for the Aberdeen Ironbirds this afternoon.  The Ironbirds are the Short-Season A classification affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. The IronBirds play in the New York – Penn League.  The roster is primarily comprised of draft picks from 2014-2015.  Dr. Infanti enjoys the satisfaction of meeting and treating these players as […]

Kristen Cooper, DPT in Nashville for Maitland Intermediate Spinal Technique Seminar

Kristen Cooper will be continuing her training this weekend in Nashville, TN.  The objective of Maitland Intermediate Spinal is perform a focused subjective and objective physical exam of the Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar spine based upon principles of assessment as per G. Maitland and other manual P.T.s.  Incorporate Movement Diagrams to improve assessment, treatment selection and […]

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Runners Toolkit - Chiro 1st Chiropractic

The Runner’s Toolkit And How To Prevent Injuries

The idea of the “Runner’s Toolkit” first germinated when I began to work with professional golfers 8 years ago.  At that time, golfers were not very proactive in regards to their health.  Typically, golfers would see me and lie down on my table to either be stretched or adjusted.  However, as Tiger Woods became more […]

Getting To The Point….Dry Needling, What Is It And Can It Help Me

Trigger Point Dry Needling has gained increasing popularity among the general public. Our practice gets more inquiries about whether we provide this service than ever, so I felt it would be appropriate to give some general information about dry needling and some of the conditions we use it for. So It’s Like Acupuncture…. No, Dry […]